2013. június 16., vasárnap

Great weekend again!

Sophie's Pearl Dream On "Tyler" At Belukha won his first points, 2x Winners Dog and 2x Puppy Group at the age of 7 months!! Way to go Yoanna and Tyler!

His brother, SP Walk This Way "Walker" won the Puppy BIS at CACIB Székesfehérvár, wohoo!

Their mother, SP Was Born To Love You "Lola" got CAC, CACIB on the second day of CACIB Székesfehérvár, from open class, supporting his brother SP Kind Of Magic "Freddie" getting CAC, CACIB, BOB, Res.BOG! They won the Best Brace competition, second time in a row!
Well done my pink twins :)

The SP whippets didn't let the siberians take all the pride: SP Fast and Furious "Mézi" won Puppy BIS 3 on CACIB Székesfehérvár, day1.

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